Ring, Ping, Ding and Ling and the Watering Hole

Book and personalised CD  15 euros

To Order: phone: 353 (0)87 217 0131 or email:tomlaramie@gmail.com


Ring, Ping, Ding and Ling and the Watering Hole is a wonderful children’s book about the animals at Fair Haven Animal Rescue Park.The whimsical characters, such as Belly Laugh Giraffe, Can Do Kangaroo, Never Tell Gazelle and Yellow Pillow Armadillo, to name just a few, are sure to capture the attention and imagination of your child. The fun and entertaining illustrations have children searching each page to see the interactions of the animals. The rhymes and repetition helps to settle a child down and get them ready to sleep. A delightful story read at anytime, Ring Ping, Ding and Ling and the Watering Hole is a particularly wonderful bedtime story to be read again and again.

Included with the book, is a personalised CD of the author reading the story and mentioning your child(ren)’s name at the beginning and at the end. Children are thrilled to hear their name and that the story is read particularly for them.

Reading to your child at bedtime is one of the best ways to let your child know they are loved. Hearing your voice as the last sound before they sleep helps them to feel safe and secure. I hope you will consider adding Ring, Ping, Ding and Ling and the Watering Hole to your list of favorite bedtime stories.